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Pondmax PU Pond Pump


Pondmax PU Pumps are renowned for energy efficiency, performance and reliability. New tool-less assembly allows easy access to impellor for maintenance. Compact submersible dirty water pump with vortex impellor that handles solids up to 6mm, meaning less maintenance as there is no prefilter sponge to clean. These energy efficient pumps are ideal for filtration systems, waterfalls, aquaponics systems and water features. Available in a range of sizes from 3500lph up to 12500lph. Excellent value for money with 2 year warranty, additional 1 year warranty available on registration of product with manufacturer. This pump is not suitable for dry site applications.

Option Max head height Maximum flow Power use (watts) Recommended hose size Voltage
Pondmax PU3500 Filter Pump 2.4m 3600lph 20w 25, 32, 40mm 240
Pondmax PU5500 Filter Pump 4.70m 5500lph 40w 25, 32, 40mm 240
Pondmax PU7500 Filter Pump 5.3m 7500lph 70w 32, 40mm 240
Pondmax PU10500 Filter Pump 5.6m 10500lph 100w 32, 40mm 240
Pondmax PU12500 Filter Pump 8.1m 12500lph 140w 32, 40mm 240