About Us.

The Lily Farm (formerly Swan Valley Fish and Lily Farm) is set on 5 acres in Perth's picturesque Swan Valley. The pond design and layout is unique in Australia and allows customers to view the ponds from above, maximising the visual impact of the water lilies and Koi.

All ponds were formed with concrete panel sides and lined with PVC pond liner. Red concrete walkway slabs were then moved into place. Each pond was then planted with a different variety of water lily and we waited in anticipation for flowering to begin. Finally in October 2007 our first water lily flower bloomed, this was the white hardy water lily Gladstone.

Filtration is via a massive natural plant filter which is gravity fed, the plants remove the nutrient from the water and sediment settles in the filter, water is returned to the ponds via 2 large pumps through a network of plumbing pipe hundreds of metres in length.

There is, however, plenty more work to be done.  We are continuing to improve and develop the site with landscape works due to commence this spring. Additional ponds are to be built so that we can increase our range of Koi and Sacred Lotus varieties. Recently a new water plant pond was set up to massively increase our range of water plants.

We are a family owned and operated business providing superior customer service and expert advice on pond set up and maintenance. We hope you will come and visit us and enjoy seeing the stunning range of water lilies we have on display.