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Pondmax EVDC Low Volt Pond Pump


The all new Pondmax Low Voltage DC pumps are suitable for use in many different applications including fountains, water features, aquaponics and ponds. They are solar power compatible, energy efficient and allow tool - less access for easy maintenance. Marine and freshwater compatible (warranty is reduced to 1 year in marine environments). 2+1 Year warranty for freshwater applications. For solar applications ensure power variations of no more than 10% to ensure motor is not damaged (power fluctuations greater than 10% will void warranty). Includes 10m Cable. Additional 10m extension cable available as an optional extra, this must be used if you wish to hard wire this pump (ie pump cord can not be cut). 

Battery Control Box & Solar Panels now available for purchase with EV DC Pumps. Panels must be used in conjunction with the Battery Control Box.

Solar Panels (sold separately) :

PondMAX 35W Solar Panel (Set of 2) will power all EV DC LV Pumps when paired with 02PS007 PondMAX Backup Battery Box & compatible battery (12V 22 or 26Amp/h Dry Power Battery or a 12V 18Amp/h Century battery). (SOLD SEPARATELY)

  • 2 x 35W Solar Panels
  • Y-Piece Joiner
  • 2 x Spikes
  • 1 Solar Adapter Cable

Battery Box (sold separately):

Compatible with the EV-DC series pumps.
The battery backup box requires a 12NiCAD battery (not included). We recommend a 12V 22 or 26Amp/h Dry Power Battery or a 12V 18Amp/h Century battery.
*Does not include battery*


Option Max head height Maximum flow Power use (watts) Recommended hose size Voltage
Pondmax EV1910 Low Volt DC Pump 2.1m 1800lph 13w 25mm 12v DC
Pondmax EV2910 Low Volt DC Pump 2.95m 2800lph 24w 25mm 12v DC
Pondmax EV3910 Low Volt DC Pump 4.6m 3800lph 37w 25, 32mm 12v DC
Pondmax EV4910 Low Volt DC Pump 5.1m 4600lph 45w 32mm 12v DC
Pondmax Backup Battery Box for EV Pumps (battery not included)
Pondmax 70w Solar Panel 2 set (35w each) for EV DC Pumps
EV DC LV Extension Cord 10M