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Pondmax Pressure Filters


Pondmax PF Pressure Filters with inbuilt UV Clarifier are designed for use on any pond or aquaponic system. Multi stage cleaning with dual action biosponges. Great user friendly design with low maintenance backwash rinsing system - simply turn switch to backwash mode and turn handle to clean sponges. Built in cleaning and UV indicators. Can be used in-line for waterfalls and water features. Unit is designed for placement external to the pond system, not for submersion. Unit can be buried in the ground to just below the lid, beside your pond. Recommended flow and pond sizes below are based on typical ponds with average sun exposure and fish stock in the Perth region. Heavily stocked ponds in full sun positions may require greater filtration. 2 year warranty. Cable Length 5m.

This is a filter only, you need to purchase a pump to drive the unit.  Please be aware using a high pressure pump or pump larger than recommended may damage or even destroy the filter. 

We recommend the following pumps and hose with these units :

PF2500UV - Pondmax EVDC1910 Low Volt Pump (using fountain kit so half flow to filter half flow to fountain head) with 19mm hose

PF4500UV - Pondmax PU3500 Filter Pump with 25mm hose

PF9000UV - Pondmax PU5500 Filter Pump with 25 or 32mm hose

PF14000UV - Pondmax  PU7500 Filter Pump with 32 or 40mm hose

PF30000UV - PU10500 or PU12500 Filter Pump with 40mm hose

Option Maximum recommended flow Maximum recommended pond size UV-C Wattage
Pondmax 2500UV 1000lph 1000 litres 9w
Pondmax 4500UV 3000lph 2000 litres 11w
Pondmax 9000UV 4500lph 3000 litres 11w
Pondmax 14000UV 8000lph 5500 litres 18w
Pondmax 30000UV 15000lph 10000 litres 55w