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Oase Filtoclear Pressure Filters

  • Combination of mechanical biological cleaning and effective UVC technology
  • Including OASE Clear Water Guarantee
  • Ideal for supplying higher elevated watercourses and architectural pools
  • Patented Easy-Clean technology for easy cleaning without opening the filter
  • Compact filter size with high filtration capacity - perfect for architectural pools and where there is little space in the garden
  • High-quality, impact-resistant material
  • Integrated in the natural environment, thanks to the possibility of in ground installation 
Option Maximum recommended flow Maximum recommended pond size UV-C Wattage
Filtoclear 3000UV 4000lph 1500 litres 9w
Filtoclear 6000UV 6000lph 2500 litres 11w
Filtoclear 12000UV 8000lph 4000 litres 18w
Filtoclear 16000UV 10000lph 5500 litres 24w
Filtoclear 31000UV 17000lph 8000 litres 60w