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by Tracy Hoffman June 07, 2019 1 min read


Winter is the time for water lilies to go to sleep. They head into dormancy, meaning lilies not only stop flowering but lose all their leaves as well. This is perfectly normal and will happen every year.

Now that your water lily is dormant, it is the perfect time to tidy up and re-pot if necessary. Most water lilies will need re-potting every two years, some large growers need re-potting annually. Re-potting ensures maximum flowering and leaf size. If your water lily reproduces and becomes overcrowded in its pot it will underperform producing lots of small leaves and few flowers.

We have everything you need for re-potting your lily including baskets, potting mix, gravel and fertiliser tablets. You can even view our YouTube video on How to Divide Your Hardy Water Lily for handy hints.

If you would like a water lily that has the potential to keep leaves all year around and even flower during the winter months, then why not consider adding one of our stunning Colorado Water Lilies to your pond. It is our number 1 star performer!

And remember, no algaecide product should be used in your pond, these products are harmful to water lilies.