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by Tracy Hoffman November 26, 2019 2 min read

Create a stunning water feature in your garden using one of our water lily bowls

A water feature provides a relaxing environment, bringing nature into the smallest of spaces. Ideal as a gift for owners of small gardens, courtyards and balconies.

Tips for Success:

Choose a feature that has a reasonable depth - between 30-60cm is ideal. If the feature is too shallow then the water will overheat, if too deep it will be difficult to get plants to grow.

Where possible we recommend locating your water feature in a half sun position, providing enough sun for water lilies to flower but not so much that the water is too warm for fish and plants to survive. Morning sun is preferred.

All water features should be rinsed thoroughly to ensure no chemical residues that may be harmful to plants and fish. Many products may be treated by quarantine on arrival in Australia.

A pump or filter is not necessary providing you load your feature with as many plants as possible. These plants will keep the water clear, provide shade for fish and reduce string algae growth. If you would like the sound of running water then a small pump or even an all in one pump/filter combo can be installed, ensure water is not constantly splashing water lilies as they like a calm environment.

A few small fish (Goldfish are ideal) will be required to eat both mosquito lavae and algae. These fish do not need to be fed, they should be working for you, keeping your feature clean.

Zeolite gravel is an ideal substrate to the base of the water feature. Zeolite binds with ammonia and reduces algae growth. Healthy bacteria also grow within this substrate creating a healthy environment for your fish.

Be patient, it can take up to 6 months for your water feature's eco system to come into balance.

The Lily Farm has a huge range of water plants and water lilies, ideal for water features. Come and visit us and we can advise on the best plants for the location you have chosen.

Please read our Fact Sheet for Care of your Water Lily.