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Pond N Zyme (formally Pondzyme +)


Pond-N-Zyme Bio Activator Enhancer.  Made in Australia. Contains highly concentrated, selected natural bio-organisms and enzymes. Increases healthy bacteria which use organic waste as food. Reduces Tannins for sparkling clear water.

Helps reduce the build up of sludge and nutrients that algae uses to grow making your pond easier to maintain. Results in cleaner and clearer water. Safe for fish and plants if used in ponds with adequate aeration at recommended dosage rates. Available in 500ml & 2 litre bottles for ponds, water features, dams and lakes.

For best results use in water above 15 degrees.

Dosage Rate for 500ml bottle (500ml treats up to 125,000 litres):

Problem Water/New Bio System - 14ml per 1000 litres

Maintenance Dose: 4ml per 1000 litres

Dosage Rate for 2 litre bottles (2 litres treats up to 800,000 litres):

Problem Water/New Bio System 10ml per 1000 litres

Maintenance Dose 2.5ml per 1000 litres

2 litres