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Pondzyme Plus


Made in Australia. Contains highly concentrated, selected natural bacteria and enzymes which use organic waste as food. We have started using this product at The Lily Farm and have found it to be the only product that cheaply and easily clears tannins from our system, making our water sparkle.

Helps reduce the build up of sludge and nutrients that algae uses to grow making your pond easier to maintain. Results in cleaner and clearer water. Safe for fish and plants if used in ponds with adequate aeration at recommended dosage rates. Available in 500ml & 2 litre bottles for ponds and water features and 10 litre and 25 litre super concentrate for dams and lakes.

Dosage Rate: 10ml per 1000 litres

500ml Pondzymel treats 71,500 litres (single treatment)

2 litre Pondzyme treats 285,000 litres (single treatment)

10 litre super concentrate Ponzyme treats 14,250,000 litres (single treatment)

25 litre super concentrate Ponszyme treats 35,625,000 litres (single treatment)

2 litres
10 litre super concentrate
25 litre super concentrate