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Pondmax PA Air Pump Kits


Professional aeration pump kits for small ponds. Kit comes complete with airstones, airline and spare diaphram set. Suitable for outdoor use. Two models available the PA10 (10l per minute) comes complete with two airstones and airline, while the PA20 (20l per minute) comes complete with 4 airstones and airline. Air Pumps need to be situated outside of the pond above the water line.  Very robust design 2 year warranty.  We recommend replacing air pump diaphrams annually. 2m cable

Option Air flow Air stones Max Depth Power use (watts)
Pondmax Max Air PA10 Aeration Pump 10 l/min 2 1.2m 10
Pondmax Max Air PA20 Aeration Pump 20 l/min 4 1.2m 15